Point on the Bow Condo – Eau Claire

One of the most beautiful condominium landmarks you’ll see in the community of Eau Claire is the prestigious Point on the Bow condominium tower.   Its monolithic jade-coloured glass, floor-to-ceiling windows make it quite unique.

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Condominium Documents Online – Condominium Management Fees Complaints

Condominium Document Retrieval Fees are something the one doesn’t very often consider or investigate the true cost of, until it is too late.   The reason being is that condominium unit holders seldom are even aware they exist until they go to sell their unit.  At that time, they often discover they have to fork up several hundred dollars more than they had budgeted for, in order to get replacement set because they never received them or they received them and just chucked them in the garbage.

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Non-Disclosure of Conditional Sales – Just a lot of Smoke & Mirrors

The Calgary Real Estate Board has indicated to its members that in an effort to appease the Competition Bureau of Canada, the Calgary Real Estate Board as implemented systems which will allow Sellers the option of not disclosing the existence of a conditional sale of their home. The idea behind this is that it could be argued that  by not disclosing the fact that the property is already under contract, on the Calgary Real Estate Board MLS System®, they might have a better chance of soliciting back-up offers.  Real estate agents should be having this discussion with their seller to determine how they would like this to be handled.

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The Estate Condo - Main Entrance

The Estate Condo, Calgary Condo Review, – Beltline

The Estate Condo” mirrors the traditions, style and finishing’s of the adjoining somewhat opulent Ranchmen’s Club.  Visitors and unit holders are greeted by a 24/7 full service concierge.  The professional concierges watch over the pristine surroundings and take care of the “little things” for you, such as laundry, package delivery, etc.

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Holly Park Condo

Holly Park Condo – Crescent Heights

The Holly Park Condo is an impressive multi-tiered hi-rise complex overlooking the Calgary skyline on the ridge, in Crescent Heights.   It has graced Calgary’s skyline since 1979 with it’s uniquely designed architecture and stately presence.  The intent was to maximize South and Western exposures, with breathtaking views of the downtown city skyline and Bow River.

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CIR Realty Converts to Designated Agency Brokerage Model

Effective January 1st, 2013, CIR Realty has hung up their Transaction Brokerage License in favour of the more practical Designated Agency Model.   This change was long overdue, but since the Designated Agency Model was only rolled out about five years ago, we are one of the first in the City of Calgary to adopt it.

The vast majority of the public may not even know or care about what type of agency license their brokerage operates under, however there are some serious implications under law.

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205 Riverfront Condo – Chinatown

At 205 Riverfront Avenue SW, Calgary, almost directly across from the recently constructed Waterfront Condos in the Community of Chinatown, there lies a relatively innocuous condominium, which is known unassumingly as 205 Riverfront Condos.

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